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Energy Healing


​Energy Healing is a gentle hands-on practice which facilitates the resolution of physical and emotional symptoms to create balance throughout your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Your energy system consists of your physical body and light body (aura).  Your light body includes your energy portals, chakras, and seven energetic layers that permeate and interact with your physical body.  This energy system records all your life experiences, beliefs and values. Positive life experiences leads to health, well-being and a balanced and functional life.  However, when we carry unresolved negative life experiences, negative thought patterns, beliefs and values, this creates a distortion in our energy field depleting our vitality and leading to ill-health and low self-esteem.

Energy Healing involves locating the cause of these distortions within your energy field in order that they can be released, and uses hands-on skills to cleanse, repair realign and revitalise your energy field.
The results include improved physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual realisation.

Energy Healing can be conducted in person and online.

Energy Healing

Shiatsu is a therapeutic bodywork originating from ancient eastern healthcare systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Shiatsu can be enjoyed as a rejuvenating treatment but can also help you achieve long-term well-being.  Its benefits are wide-ranging and can be effective in treating specific conditions.

The techniques used include gentle joint manipulations, rocking, pressure with the palms of the hands, elbows and knees, as well as targeted acupressure points with fingers and thumbs.  The aim is to release areas of tightness and tension and strengthen areas of weakness.

Sensations you may experience include  release of tight muscles, deep relaxation, inner calm and renewed vitality.  You may also find that it improves your posture, breathing and circulation.

Shiatsu is given through clothing and it's recommended that you wear something comfortable, preferably made of natural fibres. 

Shiatsu Bodywork

Shiatsu Bodywork
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
”I'd also like to thank you in general for the 6 sessions - I've found them so helpful and a big support during a difficult period for me.  Each time I've come away feeling much more grounded and connected to myself, with more awareness of what's going on inside.  I really appreciate your warmth, kindness and sensitivity. Thank you for creating a safe environment where I feel at ease and able to bring up what I've wanted to work on.”
Sarah Lee
All treatments: £50 for 60-75 mins | £135 for a block of 3 sessions | £270 for a block of 6

In person sessions take place in Billingshurst, West Sussex
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