Marion France


Marion started exploring the healing arts during the mid 90s after developing a long-term fatigue virus and experiencing frequent panic attacks.  During that time she discovered the effectiveness and power of many complementary modalities and spiritual teachings, which helped her heal these conditions and the associated life challenges.  She realised that she was healing more than just physical symptoms and was also changing and healing her perceptions and beliefs about herself and the world around her, learning to live more in tune with the rhythms of life and responding to the deeper call of her spirit.  


Marion also recognised that her soul path was to help others feel and live better, and the course of her life changed as she went on to study, embody and qualify in many healing art forms including those that she practices today.  Her path continues through self-practice of movement, reading, research, meditation, and the exploration of spiritual teachings.

Discovering the Nia Technique® in recent years was like a coming home.  This transformative fitness programme embraces all the elements that she loves and believe in; her passion for the therapeutic arts combined with a life-long love of dance and music (previously, she had worked for over 20 years in classical music administration). She obtained her White Belt in 2020 and Green Belt in 2021 enabling her to teach this joyous practice.


For more than two decades Marion has had the privilege of meeting and working with many beautiful souls through her one-to-one sessions, classes, workshops and meditation circles, supporting them on their journey to becoming healed, whole and healthy.


Photo credit: Simona Piantieri




2018: Certification and Advanced Soul Plan Reading

2013: Dr Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage, Therapy 1
2008: Certification in Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation, European Shiatsu School
2007: Diploma, Energy Healing, Return to Essence
2006: Gaia Advanced Level, Eternal Light System of Healing

2003: Post-Graduate Diploma, The Shiatsu College
2000: Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction
1999: Diploma, European School of Shiatsu, Therapy & Movement
1998: Pulsing, Pulsing Associates
1995: ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage


2021: Nia Technique® Green Belt

2020: Nia Technique® White Belt
2018: Approved Tutor of Angela McGerr Angelology

2010: Teaching Diploma, Healing and Breath Work with Return to Essence (TRtE)

Member of the Complementary Medical Association and insured with specialist brokers, Balens.