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Soul Plan Reading

​Connecting with your life purpose

Have you ever pondered the question "For what purpose was I born?"
Do you wish to live a life with more direction and purpose?
Do you feel as if you are stuck in old patterns that hold you back?

A Soul Plan Reading enables you to discover who you truly are, raising your awareness and understanding of your:

  • Life challenges and how these can be overcome

  • Gifts and strengths you are here to share

  • Life goals

  • Soul Destiny - your ultimate soul potential and life purpose


Through this realisation, you align with your true self, releasing ties and blocks that no longer serve you in order that you can lead a life full of purpose and meaning.  It's a life-affirming and liberating experience!

Your session lasts up to 90 minutes and includes:
A detailed reading of your chart
An optional True Purpose DNA Alignment and Grace Clearing
A handout to include your chart, relevant information on each vibration, specific Healing Affirmations and your Soul Message

You can have a Soul Plan Reading for:

  • Your birth chart - the first reading we recommend

  • An Overlay name (if you have changed or wish to change your name)

  • Business name (to ensure that it aligns with your birth chart vibrations) 

  • Relationships

Investment to yourself: £80 per reading

To prepare your chart, I require your full name as it appears on your birth certificate (this is crucial) a minimum of a week prior to your session.

​Sessions can take place in person or via Zoom.

In person sessions take place in Billingshurst, West Sussex

”I felt it was an incredibly touching session and has left a huge impression on me. Thank you also for sending me those attachments, I really appreciate it all, it will be a great source of support and reassurance. 

I really needed to hear all of that today, your gift that you have has come into my life at just the right time for me with regards to where I’m at and how ready I am to start embracing these positive, but quite huge, changes, so I can’t thank you enough.”  
- Georgina Slaughter
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