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healed, whole & healthy

If you are experiencing:

stress, tiredness, anxiety, pain
grief, heartache, fear
a lack of purpose in your life
disconnection with yourself and those around you

And would like to:

feel good
transform how you think and feel
balance your body, mind, emotions and soul
connect with your innate ability to heal
ignite your inner sparkle
lead a life of purpose and meaning
Then I am here to help …

Marion France

Teacher, Energy Healer, Bodyworker, Soul Plan Facilitator 

Marion takes great joy in supporting you on your journey to better health and well-being.  Through her movement classes and one-to-one sessions, she shares her 20 plus years of experience in the healing and therapeutic arts in a safe, supportive and welcoming space.     


the holistic movement


Nia is a feel-good, fitness movement programme which  combines the precision and power of the martial arts, the expressiveness and fun of the dance arts, and the nurturing and spiritual qualities of the healing arts. This profound synergy is designed to address every aspect of your being - body, mind, emotions and soul.


“The one-to-one online sessions have been the perfect, safe way to continue with my healing with Marion.  Despite being online, I’ve continued to gain excellent benefits & improvements with my areas of concern. The guided shiatsu continues to work well, the bespoke exercises have been greatly beneficial and the guided meditation is excellent. It’s the ideal solution whilst we’re under restrictions and a great alternative for anyone living at a distance.  Marion is exceptional regardless of whether it’s hands-on or online.”
Jane Foster

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